A great moment will come soon. It is the day of the conference opening, which is the culmination of our many months of efforts to build a better tomorrow.
Tomorrow, which we will enter, looking for the answer to the question:

How to use Toastmasters in life?

Do not be fooled by the clatter of empty working-class jars on the trains before every weekend. Class protects, class advises, the class will never betray you! To make Toastmasters grow stronger, and Toastmasters lived smarter, we predicted a number of different types of attractions.
On the one hand, it is an educational part divided up to three blocks:

  • Citizen to the citizen, that is, interpersonal communication,
  • 200 percent of the standard, or how to better manage projects,
  • Kogel-mogel, meaning everything that did not fit in the first two blocks.

On the other hand, we simply propose joy in popular music played by Polish performers, which will favor different types of dance forms and the consumption of high-grade liquors.

Our event is an obvious opportunity to forge new diamonds of the scene, which until now uncut, will have the opportunity to show their luster, blinding it especially the first rows.

All this will work under one condition. Under the condition of your increased participation! Only with your help will the whole thing be successful. A success for our capabilities!